Throughout the 33 years of my life I had a selection of desks. At one point I even had a huge piece of plywood sitting on a small desk that I used to seat by, doing my homework when attending primary school. Growing up I developed a sense of good taste so when it was time for a new desk, plywood was not an option…

Browsing local ads I came across this Polish sewing machine from 1960s. Sitting on a sturdy, metal frame with straight lines, I knew it was a perfect donor for my new desk. The game plan was pretty simple:

  • get it home,
  • take it apart,
  • sand and spray paint the base,
  • order and mount a hardwood table top,
  • stain the wood to make it somewhat match the floor.

Here are some shots when I got it home. Be advised that they are pretty drastic as my apartment was a work in progress at that time…

If it fits it sits
If it fits it sits
Bare metal
Bare metal
yea, It fits.
yea, It fits.
Ugly colors
Ugly colors

When I was done with all of the above, I wasn’t entirely happy with the product. The desk was obviously missing something… and that something turned out to be… a drawer. As I wanted to get as much storage space as I could, I had to make three separate compartments – one big one in the center and two small ones on each side. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.









…and this is what my home office currently looks like (when it’s clean once in a while that is).




PS. Sorry for the quality of the pictures :/ I made the desk two years ago and when I took the photos I didn’t think I’ll ever be posting them on the Interwebz.

PS.2. Here’s a desk tour video I made for my YouTube channel.