Huawei P8 all dressed up

I don’t know about you but I’m a kind of person who looks after its belongings. This especially applies to costly electronics. When I buy a new smartphone the first thing I do is getting a case which will limit the damage in an unfortunate event involving me dropping it or doing something else incompetent (and believe me, I do that more often than an average person).

After getting my Huawei P8 I went through the usual ritual of reaserching hundreds of available case options and selecting a shortlist of those which I found the most interesting. This is what I came up with:

  • aluminum bumper
  • clear plastic case
  • smart full case

I ordered all three and will be using each for two weeks and sharing my findings with the very few people who will somehow find my website.

First on the agenda – aluminum bumper.


It’s all made of aluminum (doh!), weights close to nothing and comes in different colors. I myself went with silver as I figured it will be closer to the stock look of my phone. It has cut outs where necessary: micro USB and speakers on the bottom, noise  cancelling mic and headphones jack on the top. There a small latch in the bottom left corner which secures the frame once you put it around your phone.

Be careful when you flex it trying to put it on as it tends to bend in its weakest spot which is the headphones jack cutout. But you should be good as long as you don’t bend it too much to break it.

The phone doesn’t look half bad when the bumper is on. It’s relatively thin and makes the phone only a bit wider and longer. It protrudes a milimiter on the front and the back, providing that bit of protection from getting scratched when put carelessly on random surfaces.

Buttons work pretty well, but the power button has an alignment issue which makes it a little crooked.


The only real problem I had with the bumper is the audio jack cut which cannot take some aftermarket audio jacks like the one I used to recable my Creative Aurvana Live! headphones.

That and the fact that by making my phone a tiny bit higher, I had to struggle a lot to fit it into my car mount (mind you I got it a long time ago with HTC Desire Z in mind, but since it worked well with Nokia Lumia 920, I figured it should fit Huawei P8 just as well).

All in all – it’s a pretty good product and it does a pretty good job as long as you’re not too careless with your phone.

Make sure to come back for more reviews!